established in 2013

Crest & Crown specializes in the application of professional eyelash extensions and the distribution of high quality extension products. As lashes are our sole focus and passion, we have inevitably raised the standard in the lower mainland while obtaining the experience and expertise to set us apart.  

Our Lash Bar and Academy has been operating successfully since 2013. We are the only multi-location academy in the lower mainland with exclusive distribution rights to the biggest and best lash manufacturers in Korea. Our fully equipped Lash Bars operate 6 days a week with 17 amazing technicians, offering a wide range of extension sets to meet any and every client’s need.

We have serviced over 15,000 clients,  trained hundreds of salon owners and students and our passion really is to "lashucate" the world!

If you’ve ever had clumpy stiff eyelash extensions, noticed dramatic lash loss, or had a painful experience getting lashes applied, we want to redeem your experience. We hope that you will give us the opportunity to earn your trust, for you to experience the difference of what Crest offers quality and customer service-wise!

We look forward to your next visit!





Joan Wong and Michelle Sanga met in highschool 20 years ago.

They got along immediately due to their polar opposite personalities and weirdly complimenting traits. They had no idea that this journey of owning a business together was ever in their future, they were more concerned about their next rollerblading adventure to Dairy Queen.

Fast forward a "few" years later after their lives parted and reconnected again, they found a common hobby that they couldn't stop thinking about...LASHES. They now have over 13 years of combined experience in this industry. They are dedicated to upholding their company values and delivering the greatest possible experience to their staff, students, clients and wholesale clientele.

They are so passionate about sharing what came so hard for them at first. They want to promote COMMUNITY in this industry over COMPETITION. Their philosophy is that there's always enough for everyone, so be kind to one another. They can often be found at either shops, out setting up lash studios for students or assisting at local cosmetology schools! If you ever see them out and about, make sure to say HI!