About Us

Experience the Crest Difference Today

Crest specializes in the application of eyelash extensions. As lashes are our sole focus, we have the experience and expertise that sets us apart from others.

  • With our latest application, you can get your lashes wet after 3-4 hours – no need to keep lashes dry for up to 24 hours like other salons.
  • We don’t offer “free lashes” performed by trainees. All our Junior Technicians go through a lengthy training and practice on many models before taking a client.
  • We specialize in eyelash extensions that look and feel real – applying fewer, thicker lashes will get the impact you want quicker, but we know that can cause damage to your natural lashes. So we take more time to apply a greater number of finer, lighter extensions that are stress free to your lashes.
  • We strive for damage and clump free eyelash extensions that can be worn indefinitely with refills.
  • We are one of the first few salons in Vancouver that offer 3D Russian volume technique.
  • We have special reclining chairs for clients in their 3rd trimester of pregnancy.
  • Our commitment to safety and hygiene – the health of your eyes and natural lashes are always our top priority.
  • We only use the latest and finest sourced products from Korea.
  • We are a fully registered and insured business
  • Our services are offered at an affordable price and we do not restrict 2 week time frames or limited refills before having to purchase a new set again.

If you’ve ever had clumpy stiff eyelash extensions, noticed dramatic lash loss, or had a painful experience getting lashes applied, you have gone to the wrong place. We hope that you will give us the opportunity to earn your trust, for you to experience the difference of what correctly applied eyelash extensions should look and feel like!